Questionable Content (Fan film)

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Questionable Content Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer to Pyromaniac Studios' upcoming feature length fanfilm based
off of one of the most popular webcomics of all time. Currently the movie
is more than half finished, and will be released Winter 2011. More
details to follow.

As this is a non-profit fan film, no profit can or will be made off of the project. It is made solely for entertainment purposes. The film is based on
characters and situations created by J. Jacques. This is a work of
tribute to his years of entertaining us. Visit to catch up on the story.

Let me know what you think! I realize this teaser is aimed more at fans of the webcomic who will recognize the imagery and characters, but I still thought I'd post it here anyways. =)

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 I'm not familiar at all with what it's based on, but I think the trailer looks great. To add further comment to the poll, it's definately a good way to start experimenting with film making. Some of the best in the world started out just trying to recreate some of their favorite movies, shows, scenes or doing sequels to movies for fun. It's not for trying to make money so I definately wouldn't call it copyright infringement. Back to "Questionable Content", is it going to be something that can be enjoyed by anyone, or do you have to be familiar with the webcomic? I ask because I love indie films and would probably check it out when it's released but I've never heard of the webcomic. Nice work on the trailer.