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      I’m starting to film a short movie w/ some friends and I know I’m going to need some kind of external mic other than what’s on the camera. My question is, should I just get the external mic and plug it right into the camera, or should I buy some kind of external recorder and then sync them up in post. I heard at one time that the Sony Minidisc recorders were good for stuff like that, since they are portable and get good quality sound. Is something like that worth purchasing? I think one of the advantages is just being able to do some sound recording in places where I don’t want to bring my camera, or maybe I can’t bring a camera.

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      The pros of going with external and messing around in post production is higher sound quality, but if you get a good mic and an XLR adapter you can plug it right into your camera and save alot of time. Some cameras are better suited for that, but its worth reaserching.

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