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      Hi there,

      I have done many videos, but I’ve learned what I know on my own. There is one major component that I really need training on. I bought a Sony HD video camera and edit on Pinacle 14. There are many ways of saving video, butI I struggle with what format to save them in to get the best quality and understanding all the movie saving options. I understand the dimentions of videos, but really need a better understanding on how it relates to mb size and actual video quality.

      Is there some book or some type of training anyone would suggest to learn these things specifically? I’ve been on the Pinacle tutorials site, but the training is too basic and doesn’t give a deep enough explanation to give me the help I am looking for.

      3 mb clips – I also need to save clips that are under 3mbs and I want to make the short clip 30 to 60 seconds long and still keep it under 3mbs with good quality for internet viewing. When i try to compress them under 3mb’s the video is way too small or graining, so I’ve been saving them in VHS quality and they look ok and they are the right size.

      I am thinking if I understood how the dimensions of the video, mb’s, aspect ratios relate to one another, I could do a better job.

      Where can I find this type of training relating specifically to this topic.?

      thanks for your comments.


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