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      I have worked in the private sector for over 7 years mostly doing training videos, and I just got and offer to make an online virtual tour for the university. I never done a freelance videography, so I am not sure what to charge.
      The project consists in creating 10 – 5 minutes video clips, encode them for Windows media, QuickTime, Real and Flash. The script is about 10 pages long, mostly narration with images and video. I will have to travel to several locations around the state to do the videotaping.
      I will film talking heads using portable green screen. I will also have to get some B-roll. I may have to do some voice over recording.
      It will take around seven days to drive from location to location doing the filming, setting equipment, and breaking down the set.
      I think that most of the time I am going to be driving from location to location. The longest distance to drive time will be 6 hours. Here are the questions:

      How much should I charge for filming only?
      Should I charge per day or per hour?
      Should I ask them to pay for food, rental car and hotel?
      Should I charge for the time that I am driving from location to location the same
      price like if I was filming?

      How much should I charge for the editing part?
      Should I charge per day or per hour?
      When I do a photo shoot I charge $1000 a day, or $150 per hour with a minimum of two hours.
      Would it be too much to ask for $1000 a day for filming?
      I know for fact that doing video takes longer then a photo shoots. One day
      of video equals One day and half of photos.

      Thank you very much for your comments in advance.

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      Interesting question. I too am new at video, but old hand at photo.
      My view is to charge the same rates, but recognize that video editing takes more time than photo editing….and bill accordingly for the extra time.
      I feel my pricing is somewhat on the bargian end of the spectrum, but in line with my experiance and the actual cost of adding the video to my existing service.
      Hope you get the answers you’re looking for and I’ll be watching too…

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      I hope we can find a professional in this forum to guide us to the right path!


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      I’m glad to see so much conversation on this subject. It’s very important that as a community, the video production industry present a more united front on pricing. I am very up front about my rate card on my web site: There is some information you’re seeking that is not on the site. If I travel for a client on one day and not shoot. I charge 50% of my lighting videographer rate and don’t charge for equipment rental but do charge mileage. If I travel and shoot on the same day, I charge for a full day with gear regardless of how long the shoot plus mileage and other expenses such as lodging, meals, parking, tolls, etc.
      I worked for a large production company in Dallas for several years, hiring local crews and crews to shoot for our producers all over the country. My rates are very much in line with what I refer to as the "industry standard."
      I make very few exceptions, but will always try to work with-in a clients budget. Sometimes I can and sometimes, not.

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