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      I am new to editing and was trying to make a 50th birthday video for my girlfriend. Unsure about what program to use I decided to do it on a trial version of Pinnacle 12. I worked night and day for 2 weeks the day before her birthday, I was putting on the final clip when the computer crashed. When I got it back up the program said there was no associated file and a 40 minute video seemed to be gone. I can see the file or what seems to be the file, but it doesn’t seem to open in Pinnacle. The project was never render so it was still in project form. I tried contacting Pinnacle for help but they won’t help.

      Does anyone know if the file I see can be transferred to another software editing program or know any way I might be able to recovery any part of it. Oh, and no I didn’t rename the file and save it somewhere else. I just kept re-saving it on my external hard drive. After reading things on line, I know now this might be a horrible lesson on saving files. I don’t even need the whole thing back, if I could just get parts of it I would be happy at this point.

      If anyone has any advice, I would greatly appreciate. I’m just sick.


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      open it on a computer with a clean version of Pinnacle 12. You can export a QT if you like, or export an EDL you can then use in whatever NLE you like, minus non-smpte transitions and effects.

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