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      Here’s my question : I bought myself a wide angle lens to put on my camcorder (Panasonic PV-GS300).
      When I shoot with my wide angle I always capture 2 corners black from the wide angle lens…

      Ok, it’s not fully in the middle of the screen, but the only way I get rid of it is by scaling my clips with Premiere to 110% to kinda erase the black round corner or make it outside the screen…

      How do I deal with that if I want a clear wide angle shot with no black round corner due to the lens itself appearing on the corners of my clips ?

      Thank you very much for any input!


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      I have a wide angle lens too and i also experience those, but i do not think we can do anything about them.

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      You may be getting "corners" from your the hood, so take it off or zoom in a bit.

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      Using the internal stabilization ("SteadyShot", "O.I.S", etc.) can also cause funny stuff. I get "Wobbly Corners" when using a wide angle with optical or digital stabilization.

      -andrew @ videomaker

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