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      I’ve been looking at digital recorders to capture better audio at school musicals and choir concerts. I don’t have much money for this as I only do this as a hobby and usually only recover my costs.

      While looking for a digital recorder, and reading the forums here, I’ve discovered some computer audio interfaces to allow multi-track recording on to a computer. That got me thinking, I have a notebook with both firewire and usb. So I thought it might be a cheap way to get a digital recorder and use the saved money on mics.

      Has anyone done this? What is your opinion?

      I’ve been looking at things like the Podcaststudio from Behringer. It’s $180 at and comes with an 8 input mixer, mic and firewire connection. It also has headphones and Ableton Live Lite 4 software.

      I was thinking this would be a nice choice that would allow me to add a few more mics, maybe some wireless, and capture better audio that would sync up easily with the video in post.

      Anyone think this is a good option or have a better choice? I wish I could afford the nicer solutions everyone here talks about, but like I said, this is a hobby I do just to help the school music department rasie some money and I’m happy if I recover my costs.

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      I think mAudio might have some stuff…

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      Maybe you should look at the Behringer Xenyx series (the 1204 sells around $145, the 1222FX sells around $215). They are mixers with an additional USB interface. I haven’t used them (yet) but they seem to do the job from the details I’ve read.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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