Question about “dolly and zoom” shot???

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      I just read in the tutorial section about a shot I would like to use. It’s called a dolly and zoom shot. I kinda understand how the technique works (I will use a wheelchair to dolly away from the subject and slowly zoom in). My question is about focus.

      Do I set the camera (PD-150) in auto focus so I don’t have to worry about it, or do I need to manually zoom in and focus at the same time?


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      Unless your subject is fairly complicated, I would at least first try with the Auto Focus. That should seal the deal. If not, you might need an assistant camera or someone to help.
      Anyways, good luck on the shoot, its a cool trick.

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      Also, you may be able to stay with manual focus by simply moving to the farthest point from the talent and setting your focus there, then move to the closest point to see if the shot is still good.

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