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      I have zero experience with Flash, however I love animation. I have been painstakingly creating simple animations by combining still frames I create in Microsoft Paint into either Magix Edit Pro or Windows Movie Maker and shortening the run time so they blend together in ‘motion.’

      But I see much more interesting animation happening in Flash. What is Flash? How can I get it? I’d like to start creating better animations and or video bits with Flash if it’s practical. It has GOT to be easier than working on stills with Paint for a week just to get a 30 second animation.

      Thanks for your time and patience.

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      The whole point of Flash is to get away from framy by frame animation! Flash instead offers ‘keyframe animation’. Rather than draw 24 pictures and play it as a second of motion, draw one segmented picture (segmented with arms and legs and eyes or whatever) and then tell those parts where to be at certain times and Flash will filll in the gap using ‘motion tween’. Also, Flash uses ‘action script’. You can type in commands in this programming language and make certain effects happen, including interactivity. (I’m not a big fan of action script).

      For drawing, Flash uses vector graphics. Instead of using colored pixels like Paint (making a square rough look), Flash can create smooth edges and pictures that you can zoom in forever and never get pixelly. The program uses tools similar to Paint, so the drawing part shouldn’t be to difficult to learn.

      Flash is a fairly expensive program. Around $400 dollars I think. There’s a cheaper version if you’re a student. The money’s well worth it. It will take you a while to get use to Flash’s user unfriendly interface, but once you have it you keep it. Good luck with your animation! πŸ™‚

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