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      Hello all.

      I have a question about video capture.

      I have a lot of video that I want to transfer to digital. The Hauppauge card that I use to do this comes with WinTV software that allows me to select the video formats and bit rates, but it doesn’t explain to the layman what it all means in practical terms. If the purpose of the transfer is to burn the video to DVD, is it advisable to capture the video at the highest bit rate possible? Many of the video chunks that I want to put on a single DVD, when captured using the Hauppauge card at the highest bit rate, are well past the 4.7 GB capacity of a standard DVD, but I have a drive that can burn a dual layer disc if need be.

      I don’t see or hear any discernible difference in picture or sound quality during playback between a DVD burned from something captured at 4.4 Mbits/sec and something captured at 12.0 MB/sec. Is there any benefit to using that much more memory on my hard drive or on a DVD? I save the video to an external drive that has 500 GB of room, and everything will be moved to DVD ultimately. I just need advice on what level of fidelity to choose.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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