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      I’d like some suggestions on what you have all found to be the most reliable, durable, and universal DVD media (brand name, +/-, price, web retailer). I bought some cheap Infodisc DVD’s at about $.25 each and atleast every other disc causes an error in writing, and only the newest DVD players will play it without a jerky image.

      I appreciate it…

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      I’ve had excellent results with Verbatim (+/-RW +/-R) including the DL. Also had good results with FujiFilm. Ritek has a pretty good rep. Check out the reviews in the DVD Media List at http://www.videohelp.com

      Check out http://www.shop4tech.com and http://www.supermediastore.com for media, cases, inserts; good selections, competitive prices, and decent shipping costs.

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      The most compatibility optical media is DVD-r. When it comes to which DVD-r manufacturer is best or most compatibility Maxell DVD-r media is the best and next come either TDK or Sony (both are tied). Also like you noticed the newer DVD players that are out are more compatible with different types of DVD media. Off Brand Media (that is also cheap) will cause you the most problems. Never take the cheap route when purchasing DVD media.

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      Thanks for your advice. I’m a bit boggled. What’s the difference between a $.30 disc, or a $2.00 disc, or a $15.00 disc, if all of them are DVD-R’s? Does the word “authoring” make a difference in quality and price?

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