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      Im in the market of buying a HD camcorder and have narrowed it down to 2 models in my budget, The canon HF20 or the HV30. My question is which model will capture better quality? (minii DV or SD card)…..

      I was told from a tech that the Mini DV’s perform better in low light setting innoticeablequality vs SD card based. is that true?

      Although i know SD Cards may be faster to upload and moreefficientthan the Older Tape Technology, im looking for the best quality to play home videos on my HDTV.

      Thanks in Advance. -Richard

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      I have a HV30 and love it. The quality of the image will blow you away. It is small and heavy though. Here are a couple of articles I wrote on it. I think you will like the HV30. It is Mini-DV so you will still have to work with tape. I cannot compare it to the HF20 as I don’t have one but the HV30 rocks! πŸ™‚

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      yeah seems convincing, but do you know if the tape based cams show a better quality thatsnoticeable?

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