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      Looking for some unbiased opinions on the quality of the Instructional Videos (DVD versions) for purchase on VideoMaker web site store. How do they compare to instructional materials available from other sources? I would be most appreciative hearing from anyone who owns or has viewed the 8 individual instructional videos in the 8 Instructional Video Package. Thanks in advance.


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      I have the same question myself. But I would like to expand it. What book or (other)? have you found to be helpful in learning and improving in videography?

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      same question….anyone?

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      I can’t speak for thevideos here but I have two recommendations from other sources.

      “How to SETUP, LIGHT, & SHOOT Great Looking INTERVIEWS”-http://www.vortexmedia.com

      This covers the basics for lighting (indoor) interviews and the gear required to do it. It ranges from setting up a kit for under $1500.00, choosing a location, choosing an angle, exposure, depth of field, lens filters, windows, and lots of other topics. Some of it was a review for me but some was very helpful.

      “SOUND FOR FILM AND TELEVISION” – http://www.wrightsvillebeachstudios.com/

      This is a great intro for beginners and in my opinion well suited for the intermediate user.It ranges from equipment, techniques in booming, choosing the right mic, a brief discussion about editing sound in post and much more.

      I still get a lot out of these and I am sure most of you would too.


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      I too have been interested in purchasingsome of your DVDsbut the one issue I have that has stopped me is the thought that they are the same videos that are the “Tips and Tricks” on your vidcast section. By reading the titles, they appear to be what one could watch for free. Maybe if the review/description of each of the videos were more… descriptive, that would help with the decision to purchase.

      Granted they would be of better video quality but if they are the same material and content, I could not justify paying for them. I guess you could buy them because they are collected by topic in an easy review single location but after viewing them all there might only be one or two thatone would actually go back to. After seeing them a few times, they have either answeredan issue or raised additional questions to which one may not find answers to within that particular collection.

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