Pyrotechnic time dilation

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      Quick question. I’m sure if I did the research, I could find this, but…

      Can one manipulate speed and duration of a vid clip in the Adobe products in a similar manner to the manipulation of opacity and, or, audio levels.

      I just want to see a keyframed line and not the stupid multiple cuts to simulated time slowing.

      I need it for a shot we have of a van blowing up which the drector wants to “grind to a halt”.

      I’m too tired to think right now.

      I’ve got:
      Premier Pro
      AE 6.5 pro
      and if necessary…(i’m not great at it) combustion 4.

      oh yeah, and microsoft movie maker. yippee.

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      Both Sony Vegas 6 and Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 allow you to alter the speed of a clip over it’s duration.


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      Yeah, well… I asked about its possibility in Adobe, ’cause that’s all I’ve got, and I don’t have the money for anything more at this time.

      sorry, that was a bit harsh sounding.

      I think I figured it out, sortof in After effects. There’s probably an official way though, so i’ll keep looking. I got a guy on the Creative COW website who said he’d write a tutorial for my question.

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