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      i am considering purchasing a panasonic PV-GS500 camcorder and i am wondering if it is compatible with windows vista

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      There should be no compatibility issues with the PV GS500 and Vista. Any potential problems may be with certain video editing software and Vista. For instance I have a 2 year old HP with dual core 4200+ processor and 2GB Ram and a 4 month old HP with dual core 5000+ processor and 3GB Ram.

      Both have the same NVIDIA 6150SE graphics on the motherboard with shared memory of course. The older machine runs XP and the newer one runs Vista.

      The older machine with XP, slower processor, and less RAM actually processed video faster and with less glitches than the newer faster machine running Vista.

      With the Panasonic PV GS500 this is not much of a problem for me, but I recently acquired a Canon HV20 and the difference in performance editing HDV is much more apparent. I use Pinnacle Studio Plus 11.1.1 on both machines and for music soundtrack I use SonicFire Pro 4.5.5 as well. So for now I’ll be doing all my HDV editing on the older machine.

      Another Vista problem I have is with the Samsung 216BW monitor. Vista does not recognize the monitor profile on this model no matter how many times I’ve run the monitor profile software that came with it. I found many references to others with the same problem on the web, Microsoft apparently will not address the problem and Samsung does not understand it. They are sending me a replacement monitor but I can put this monitor on the older computer and it functions perfectly.

      So if you’r looking to acquire a Panasonic PV GS500 don’t worry about camcorder compatibility with Vista, the camcorder will do it’s part and is the best standard def miniDV camcorder on the market in it’s price range.

      I do recommend 2 accessories for the GS500. An external stereo mic (The Rode StereoVideoMic comes with a Deadcat wind muff and has improved my audio many times over the onboard mic. I use it on a stand just out of the frame and almost never use the onboard mic. The second item is the “screen hoodie30” from http://www.cinetactics.com. It does cost a bit more than the Hoodman product sold through B&H in New York but is MUCH SUPERIOR to the Hoodman. It blocks light from the LCD much better and if possible you should never use the brightness boost on that screen, if you do, you cannot judge exposure by what you see.

      Hope you find this info helpful.

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      Thanks abunch!!! i alsouse pinnacle studio plus for editing. Also thanks for the tips on accesories (i was already planing on buying an external mic)


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