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      I create a relatively large number of DVD’s throughout a year (hundreds, not thousands). I’m in the habit of putting printable labels on the DVD’s when I am done with them. A speaker at a Videomaker conference last year said that wasn’t too big of a deal as long as the labels get centered. This year’s Videomaker conference they said never to use printable labels on DVD’s. Which way is it? Have you encountered problems using printable labels? What options are there?

      Thanks for any information!

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      I have heard that the reason to not put sticky labels on DVD is that the DVD spins faster than a CD and therefore the labels may interfere with the operation of the DVD player. NOTE: I don’t know this first hand. Our multimedia manager has directed we use the printable versions because of the ablve reason.

      The other option you have is white faced “printable” DVD’s. At work our latest batch were Verbatim Printable DVD’s. We print the label using an Epson R300 inkjet printer. We’ve been having very good results from the printer.

      Printables are a bit more expensive through some of the local stores. Our last batch we got from http://www.taperesources.com. If you buy in bulk the prices can be as low as $.70.

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      Adhesive labels are dangerous because they can unbalance the disc during playback thereby causing read errors. Pressure-sensitive adhesives will break down over time, particularly when exposed to the heat generated by players, and the labels can damage/ruin a player if they peel off while the disc is spinning. In addition, if the media itself is cheap, it is possible for the adhesive to penetrate the disc surface thereby rendering the video/disc unplayable.

      I have had problems with adhesive labels peeling on cds when playing — it definitely gives the term gumming up the works a new meaning.

      You can print directly to the disc via thermal or a disc printer. Thermal printers are inexpensive and work great but the biggest drawback is the inability to print in more than one color at a time if you want to use multiple colors you will need to create multiple templates. A number of companies make disc printers; Epson produces numerous models with the R200 starting around $77. I use a thermal printer (Casio CW-50) but Im burning discs only for myself, family and a few friends so nothing really fancy is required; if I were doing it commercially I would get either the Epson R300 or R800 (highly recommended by a friend).

      As for media I started out using the Verbatim white face dvds mentioned by Lucian. A couple of months back I tried the silver face discs and have decided to stay with them simply because they are 20%-25% cheaper. I am paying around $30 for a spindle of 50 at newegg.com.

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