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      Hi Kids –

      My company wants to hook up a video camera through a PC (FireWire A or USB-2) and allow a bunch (17-25) other computers on the network to view a live feed.

      Any suggestions on how we could do this?



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      compusolver Wrote:

      Being a web developer, I’d do this as an intranet. Merely set it up as you would on a web server, but on your local server instead. There is no server-side scripts needed, so you have nothing special to setup. The video would be set into a web page which will be viewed via your users’ browsers.

      The problem is that we need all monitors to view the live feed simultaneously on all machines.

      I can do this easily for a video file being served over the network – this however is a live feed and we all views synchronized in real time.

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      You might want to look at VLC http://www.videolan.org

      You can stream video direct from DV camera’s to other VLC clients over a network. It has a variety of encoding options for Audio and video

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