Purchasing a VX 2100

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      Hey Ya’ll’

      I’m looking to upgrade from the VX2000 to the 2100’s. I need two.

      Of course, I would like to get the best price. any suggestions???


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      B&H Photo/Video or Adorama. I swear by them. I buy my equipment through the website, and never have had any problems. You may pay a couple of hundred more then other sites, but when they say it is in stock, it is in stock. Also, you don’t have to call in to “verify” your order and then get pounded by a salesman to buy extra batteries etc…..

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      I’ve also used OneCall with similar results.

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      I too am thinking of upgrading to the vx2100. In looking around the internet, I see places supposedy selling it as cheap as $999. How can that be? I didnotice this place was over $300 for a ten hour battery. Are these recondtioned units? Will probably go with B&H ($2198), have ordered from them in the past and don’t have any complaints. Bought a dcr-hc96 last year from one of the discount places and now it is giving me a lot of atrifacts(coincidence?).

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      How can that be?

      Simple, you will never see the camera at that price….

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