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      I am a new member in this forum. I am very serious about video production. I will be having my first camera this coming Christmas.. I will be purchasing an hd minidv hv40.

      The problem I have is that I do not know if my cmputer will be able to handle it. I currently have the AMD phenom x4 9150e quadcore. It is the hp pavilion phoenix special edition se a6655f.It comes with a nvidia geforce 6150 se graphics (read it is not good) but also read it doesnt matter in video editing??I have a gpu of 300watts, sata interface 3gb/s and 5gb of RAM.

      According to


      I found out that the maximun you can upgrade is to a Phenom with Quad Core technology (AM2+) up to 9600, and for video cardand according to


      to anxfx geforce 9600 gso.

      I am super overwhelmed to the point that i can not sleep. I do not want to buy a camera that in the end won’t be able to be editted , add effects and 3d animations maybe. I am planning to use Adobe Master collection, Maya and Realflow.I can not afford a Mac right now… maybe in the future.. I do not think i will be doing long films, I will start doing short videos and events such as live events, interviews, but eventually i will move to longer videos.

      As for the budget, I really care about optimal performance instead of minimal…I really would like to know if it would be more expensive to upgrade my computer’s current’s motherboard or should i just get a new one. Which one would be cheaper in the long run.. with this I mean pay more now but have more possibilities to upgrade in the future or upgrade now.. and reach the limit to what my motherboard can do. I know hd can be a pain to work with… but I have read in forums that that is where the future of video is heading torwards.

      I would love to know what is the perspective of video editing experts or people who have enough experience in the matter. I also would appreciate in mic recommendations.. and external hard drives.. so far for mics i want to get a good shotgun mic that i plan to set up in a mic stand. I really care about audio quality recording, I will be getting the juice link that accepts xlr mic connectors. As for hard drives, the research has made me nauseous.. so many good and bad reviews for every brand.. I know an external hard drive will be essential for video storage and real time editing. I have been recommended the WD and Lacie doesnt convince me because of so many bad reviews. I am scared to lose an entire product… some people say it is based on luck… that does not help at all..

      I hope I did not sound too confusing. English is my second language, so I apologize for anything that sounds weird and the run on sentences…



      Thanks for your valuable time.

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      Whew! You have done a lot of research – too much perhaps. So relax. I have been using the Canon HV40 for nearly a year now and I love it. I am glad I opted for a minidv again as it has advantages overdisk and card based cameras.

      I have been editing the HDV videos with Adobe Master Collection on a computer that is older than yours. I have upgraded the RAM to 3GB (sort of the max for an XP machine). You do need a firewire connection though.I had a WD 1TB drive, and wanted to buy a second one, but my local store were out of stock so I got a LaCie and it works just fine too.

      So I guess the bottom line is that there are many choices but yours is quite reasonable so go for it. You will gain wonderful experience and can always upgrade later if you feel you need to.


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      Thanks for your reply!

      I am going to look at the WD 1tb drive.

      Also, I am planning on getting the Technica AT897. I liked what i have heard so far. How does Adobe Master Collection runs in your machine? is it smooth? I read that XP is more stable than vista…


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      Adobe runs very well, no problems. I really appreciate how easy it is to use the other modules like Soundbooth, Photoshop etc – it is really well integrated.

      The Techica AT897 is a great microphone. I use a less expensive microphone from Azden, as well as their wireless lavalier mic that has worked well for me. The Canon HV40 does not have XLR microphone inputs. If you want to use XLR microphones, you would need an additional mixer/converter. So far I have not had a need for that.

      You don’t mention what you are going to do with your new system. It would help to know so that perhaps I could give you better advice.


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      For the xlr connections I am going to be buying juiced link. I wanted to do that because I read that XLR connectors are balanced and does not pick up other signals like radio or tv, etc.

      I am planning to go to school for film and broadcast at Flashpoint Academy in the future, but for now I am trying to teach myself how to do things and I have an internship in a small video production business. I really love editing so that would be my main focus.

      I plan to film special family events or even participate in contests and maybe film for other people and edit. Just small projects for now to get everything started plus getting together a portfolio when I apply to Flashpoint.

      Thanks a lot for the feedback!!

      : D

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