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      Ok I saw a simliar post here:

      That was from a Brit though and I would rather hear from someone in the US. I am editing a documentary (I did not shoot) that we are working to get aired on PBS. I need some additional B roll footage to break up the interviews. We plan to shoot in a local open air market (read flea market). As there any kind of release that needs to be signed by the location or the people appearing on screen? I know someone out there has some experience with this sort of thing. (No audio would be used from this shot, at least not of any copyrighted music, maybe some ambient sound).

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      In that other post Grinner called it about ‘getting a permit’. Technically, if it’s a news event (i.e. a protest etc.) you generally don’t need one. In your case the venue being a market of some sort, it would be best if you get written permission from the flea market organizers to shoot there. Yes, there are tons of general releases you can use for on-camera interviews, but in a pinch ask the person to be interviewed (while recording) if they would like to participate if they say no, move on. Persons in your b-roll crowd shots don’t require releases unless you focus on a particular individual and identify them specifically.

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      That’s the route I was leaning. We already releases from the 3 people interviewed. I always appreciate the good feedback given here. Thanks again.

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