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      I’d like to apologize For my part in the flame throwing incidents of recent days.

      I am sorry to all the readers that were subjected to that.

      And to Barefootmedia, as a gesture of goodwill, I’d like to make you peace offering…

      I noticed your youtube video titled “a wintery walk” , ( snow was very grey (underexposed). I’d like to offer you some free tips on how to meter in difficult situations. I’m sure with the right advice we can have you not only getting the snow white, but I’ll help you to even get a white dog in a snowbank.

      white dog snow

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      what flame thrower incidents. Were you flipping out on people in threads? I wanna read them.

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      oh i found it. i wouldn’t apologize. You’re just holding you’re ground.

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      An apology is always a neat starting ground to rebuild acquantences. Hope it works – great photo – the dog has that look of ‘what on earth are they up too’.

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      Thank you cdanddvdpublisher.

      I feel that regardless of who’s right or wrong, a second more serious wrong was done to the other viewers. (like having an argument at a party, ruins everones good time.)

      I’ve skipped entire threads because of that, and so the original poster, and anybody else that might’ve benefitted, from the thread lose out.

      thank you for the comment on the photo.

      That shot is a good example of “Compression of Field” effect of telephoto lenses. at 200mm-400mm f22-f32, that little building behind the people gets pulled in close. Now if the camera had been set with a wide angle lens, (and moved in much closer to keep the people the same size in the frame), it would be readily apparent that the building is behind a road, beside an old pioneer fort, about two footbal fields behind the people. That same setup with a 4 stop nd and a polarisor stacked on it would open the lens up to about f4-f5.6 and that would give you the same field of view, with the subject having the same size in the frame, but with the background thrown completely out of focus.

      I also shot video for them and made a photo/video montage on dvd for the clients. That gave me the added challenge of having to have my photos and video both matching in quality.

      A white dog in a snowbank is about as tough a scene to expose for as you’ll find anywhere!

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      Thank you cdanddvdpublisher. A white dog in a snowbank is about as tough a scene to expose for as you’ll find anywhere!

      Thanks for the detailed photo explanation. The clarity of the individuals in front is very crisp with the background almost surelistic – it’s a terrific effect – I take it then it hasn’t been digitally edited. The contrast in sharpness between the closer images and the background is an interesting effect – thanks for sharing

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      I’d like to take this opportunity to thank DOn for being more than a gentleman and to apologize for my role in blowing a difference of opinion into something else. (Wish I’d seen this sooner, I’ve mostly been lying around since a mountain biking accident on Thursday.) But hopefully it is better late than never.

      Thanks for checking out my videos. But as for “a wintery walk” goes, the central problem is I shot it with a fixed focus camera/camcorder designed for web sharing sites. That and the fact I’d been shooting for over four hours during a snowstorm. My idea was to shoot more offbeat video to share with out of state family, so I just let the camcorder do as it wanted. Had I been concerned with exposure, I would have broken out my trusty spot meter and applied Zone Exposure techniques (a la Ansel Adams) to get the details I desired. But it was such a spur of the moment deal, I didn’t even think to set the camera to the “snow/beach” auto mode. (It should be obvious I wasn’t thinking clearly or I would have know the ice wouldn’t hold the weight of a rabbit.)

      Still, that’s a nice portrait you posted. It really makes me wish I still had my Canon A-1 & lenses, even though it used 35mm film. On the other hand, I really enjoy pumping up the production values of local government & non-profit video productions. Life is such a trade-off.

      So good luck to all and keep shooting!

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