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      I own a newspaper publication that covers amature sports and now we want to go into online video sharing. We are developing a portal that will allow free and paid video content.

      My question is could I be headed for a lawsuit if I sell the edited footage of those public events online? Also, many of the events involves youth that are playing in some sports league.

      I talked to my attorney about this and he said that first of all because it is a public event I don’t need permission to film it. He said to show good faith I might want to ask first but it is not necessary. Just show up like a news crew would and get the footage. He also suggested that if I am going to highlight a player that I try to locate his parents while at the game and get them to sign off on a release right then and there.

      Any thoughts?

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      Yea fire your lawyer. If you are doing it from a news stand point then he’s right you do not need permission, unless it is a paid event where a person needs to buy a ticket to attend, then you will need a release. If you plan to air the entire event and not just the highlights then you will need permission. if you plan to highlight a player then in most states you must get a release. and in some states it is illegal “felony” to film a minor even in the back ground without parents concent. Why, there are many children today who are victims of abuse and could be in hiding from one or both of their parents, to expose them could put their life in danger. check your state laws first, also it never hurts to cover your south end. Get it in writing.

      DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, get legal advice from a lawyer who practice media Law. Question, did you make a appointment, set down and descuss in detail with your lawyer your plans? or did you just ask a quick question over the phone. If he practice media law then he knows what he is talking about, you just need to pay the guy and get good advice. If he is not a media lawyer and you own a paper, what are you thinking :0

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