Protection tips for shooting fishing expeditions in the Keys?

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      I want to shoot the action of game fishing in the Florida Keys aboard boats. This entails a strong possibility of saltwater splashes, mist, heat, rain and a host of other events that could destroy a camcorder.

      I have been using a waterproof point-and-shoot camera with video capabilities, and it does a respectable job for what it is, but it is not meant to shoot real video.

      Does anyone out there have experience with this, and recommendations about protecting the camera? I could use a water proof case like an Ikelite used in diving, but what about sound?

      Al advice appreciated.

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      Waterproof housings for your cameras are your best bet. Depending on your rig, they can get mighty expensive though. However, they are worth the money for protecting your valuable camera gear. Audio wise you can do like we used to in the field and put an unlubricated prophylactic on your microphone. Yeah, it does get many a off-color comment, but the mic stays dry which is all that matters. If you prefer a more conventional method, if you have a recent sony consumer grade camcorder, one of these housings might work for you.

      Sony Underwater Camera Housings w/built-in mic

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      Just about all mywork is outside, in the woods or on a boat. Itake those 99 cent rain jacket/poncho’s you can get from walmart and use a vacuum sealer to form my own rain shield. You can cut it how ever you want and heat two pieces together with the heat bar of the vacuum sealer. They fold up small and are cheap.

      I runwireless mic’s 99% of the time on water and have a rain sheild on but I think the biggest problem is keeping the camera shaded. You have the direct sun from above and it also coming off the water and it can heat up a camera fast, especially if it has a black body, which mine always seem to have. 🙂

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      You won’t be able to change settings with camcorder housing. Also, manual focus is vital in a lot of weather conditions.

      If you’re shooting underwater, then housing it’s your best bet.

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