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      Hi: I make motorcycle adventure films and have prior experience with video. I’ve been using a sony dcr tvr-22 mini-dv camera to shoot action shots, limited interview night vision shots, daytime interviews and scenery. Occationally I input an external hi-res mini-cam mounted to bike for on bike shooting. Although I like on board mic for ambient sounds, I also input external mic on occassion. Majority of filming is outside.

      I am looking to improve my video quality and move into prosumer/pro range with mini-dv camera. Anticipate needing broadcast quality. Require limited weight, extended battery, and features that support above type filming.

      $2000 price range.

      Can you suggest anything?

      Thanks for your help

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      No love

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      The 2K range is limiting our suggestions. 3-4K will get you some suggestions- like Canon Gl-2 catagory and above. I do some of the type shooting you do. For the helmet cams, I use Canon ZR-100s to plug the Viosport camera’s audio/video cable into. For close in action shots, a Canon Gl-1 with the Canon super wide adapter- a very good lens and sharp. Main camera is a JVC-DV5000.
      With required accessories, I’d suggest a target budget of at least 4k. This will get you closer to the "Pro" look for video quality.

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      what are your thoughts about sony dcr vx2100?

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