Prosumer camcorder and TV Monitor setup

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      I am directing a monolougue. One person play called mono-act. The stage has a live person and TV monitor. I want to use appropriate prosumer camcorder at 250 feet to shoot live person. At the same time I want to show the same live person on a TV monitor (standard or HD) . Any recommendation for decent quality prosumer camcorder? Any limitation on Cable connection from camcorder to TV monitor? Or best way to to shoot a live person from 250 feet and also display him or her on TV monitor on the stage?

      Appreciate response.


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      you might need a distribution amp to boost the signal to the tv

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      I am new to this Video Maker forum and need help. What is the better form of recording media, tape or cards? and why. What is a good prosumer or low end professionl camera? Are there any place to buy these cameras used? What is progressive scan?


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