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      I am new to HD – camera is on its way. A client does seminars using Powerpoint. He says he wants HD filming of a geologic expedition in Patagonia. My question is, if I film in HD, how can I make a HD image available for him to use in his presentations? I know that it won’t be through Power Point since that uses a low res format (wmv). I suspect that it is necessary to burn a Blu-Ray disk and have him play it into the projector through a Blu-Ray player. Then I began to wonder if only some projectors support HD. Anybody have experience with this? What resolution is needed in the projector? Does the projector have to have an HDMI input or will S-Video, composite or regular outputs from a Blu-Ray player work on basically any projector, and still give HD results? Or, will the HD quality be lost by projecting it? If so, maybe Blu-Ray for his seminar use is unneccesary? Maybe SD quality would be better! Also,how do projectors handle a widescreen format?I’d sure like to answer these questions BEFORE I go shooting the video! Any suggestions or knowledgeable information would be much appreciated!!! Thanks.

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      A Google search for high definition widescreen projectors will get you a lot of information regarding what’s out there in HD widescreen projection – obviously will not be as cheap as SD projectors, native widescreen or not.

      Regarding shooting, editing, burning to DVD or BluRay DVD & playing/projecting BluRay it remains a mixed bag so far as what’s available to us non-coms, ease of editing/production. One software solution is available through Toast 9 and a commerical addon through Roxio. I understand there are some PC software options as well, including Roxio’s multi-platform Toast series.

      What you WANT to do can be done, but the solution may not be THAT easy, affordable or even practical. A lot of people I know who are shooting HD and wide angle are delivering product via SD wide angle, and telling me that there is STILL a significant uptick in quality of the productions. I’ve not witnessed, or done this myself, yet.

      As I understand it, yes only some projectors will actually project HD/widescreen. I also know that many, MANY DVD decks on the market will up res or enhance playback of SD widescreen (even 4×3) to play back a better visual quality on a HD screen, so I would assume if an affordable HD projector solution is available it too would benefit from such a player, using SD widescreen downrezed from HD original resources.

      My understanding is that something viable and easy, and affordable to us independents is not yet readily available, but that there are a multitude of workarounds. Playing direct from a computer harddrive feed to an HD rated projector might be another path to consider. There have been articles in various DV related publictions over the past year regarding the computer playback from hard drive approach – perhaps even Videomaker.

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      Thanks Earl, some great food for thought! I hadn’t even thought about the playback from laptop hard drive. This shows my ignorance but, you’re saying that I can save the HD video in a format that can be put on a Pen Drive, then loaded onto another computer. What file format would that be? I use Adobe CS3 Production Premium with After Effects which can burn Blu-Ray disks (I think – I haven’t actually done it yet!). But, are you saying that there is a way to save in a file format that can then be loaded on the client’s laptop and he can project it as Hi-Def? Sounds very interesting. I’ll search VideoMaker’s database for more on this. Thanks again –Randy — Fortaleza, Brazil

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      Randy, does “Cinco Talentos” mean you have FIVE talents πŸ™‚ I would be good to claim two!

      Anyway, I don’t know about the capacity of a PEN drive (I am assuming you are talking about a static memory USB memory chip??? or somesuch????). I also do not have specific or direct knowledge or practical understanding of doing BluRay except that what I have read (and I read a LOT) and what people in the industry say is that if you can edit and produce in BluRay format, and you can burn a BluRay DVD, or put the HD resources on a hard drive, and that hard drive is compatible with the computer you want to play it from, that can be done fairly straightforward.

      Laptop hard drive playback success would be entirely based on the power and capabilities of the laptop. It would have to be one, I suppose, with a pretty powerful mill under the hood.

      Keep me posted on your findings and/or success. Also, some people on those other forums are talking about how they work around various BluRay delivery issues. Something useful or workable should be out there for you.


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      Hey Earl, I don’t mean to sound presumptous! Five talentos is not so much a reference to me personally but to what God has put at our disposal today in America. The reference comes from Matthew 25 and implies responsibility, not personal ability. When I stop to think about whatI as an amateur can do today with $10 Grand in the area of video, it’s almost embarrassing! Boy, if I could use 5% of the five talents (technical resources) available to us today, I’d be one happy camper!!! This is such a great time to have an interest in video production. I have looked recently at some video of seminars and powerpoint presentations done and filmed just 20 years ago and am stunned at the progress since then. Just the change that Powerpoint alone has brought is mind boggling! I’m fascinated by the teaching-learning process, and todays video developments open up fantastic realms for those who are poised to take advantage! I just ordered the ProHD DVD by Tim Dashwood from Thanks again for your help!

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