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    I’m just starting my video production/marketing business, and already have a few clients I’m trying to juggle… and they are just family and close friends!

    I’m quickly realizing that I will need a good way to run my business processes: tracking contacts/leads, proposing/quoting/invoicing projects, planning/managing/collaborating projects, etc…

    I’ve done a little research, and have found software such as Basecamp & CreativePro Office… I prefer a SaaS (web-based) solution, preferably one with mobile (iOS) apps. I would like one that either has built-in CRM functionality, or integrates with a popular SMB CRM solution.

    What web-based software do you use to manage your business, or certain aspects of your business? Any recommendations, good or bad? Thanks for your responses!!!

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    Since you’re just starting out, I recommend keeping your costs to a minimum. Do you already have Micrsoft Outlook, Works orAccess? At this pont, I just use Outlook to manage contacts and my projects (Taskbar). I try to keep an accurate log of what’s said and the dates and times. Keep in mind that even the most expensive software available will require your time and effort – there is no free lunch!

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    We’re using Latitude project management software as CRM and PIM solution. Also, it can do timesheets, job costing, project tracking, quotes, invoices and reports generation. Avoid MS Project, as an option we’ve tried it and it’s really complicated to use.

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