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      Ok so this is what happened:

      last night some burglars decided to make a visit to my house. Fortunately we came back home when the guys were still inside the house so they really had to rush getting out.

      But, they stole my powerbook… :'( And what bothers me most is that I was finishing a video-project that I had been working on for the last 3 months.

      So now I’m looking for ways to get my project back. I’ll get the money back from the insurance so a new powerbook is coming. Tho, I was using a powerbook, and an external HD for that project (they didn’t steal that), and my external HD was the scratch disk (fortunately). So I still have the captured raw material on there.

      For some kind of reason tho, FCP wasn’t able to open my project if it was on the external HD, so I saved the project constantly on the powerbook itself. I only backupped the project file when the project was finished for about 15%…

      But now I noticed that FCP also autosaves. So now my question is:
      Will I be able to get my almost finished project back? I a file of the project (tho a very old one), but FCP has been autosaving my project…

      So when I get my new powerbook, install FCP, plug-in my external HD, will I be able to get my project back or will I have to start all over again?

      Thnx a lot in advance for your answers and I hope this’ll never happen to you.. From now on I’ll always back up my files more often, you never now what can happen…

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      Really sorry to hear about the theft. It all depends on where you have FCP store the autosave files. If the autosaves are on the powerbook HD itself, then you won’t be able to use them (since they’re gone) but if they are stored on the external HD then you are good to go. But chances are that you didn’t change the location that FCP automatically sets up as your autosave, which is on the powerbook HD. I always back-up project files two or three times per week to my external. Hope it isn’t too costly of a lesson learned.


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      I just checked, and the autosave files are on the external hd… I’ve never used autosave before, so does it work the same way as a regular save file? You just open that save file with FCP and you have your project?

      Tht’d be really cool, and I’d be really relieved 🙂 thnx

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      So, I got a new Powerbook and I want to restore my project.. What I feared is happening: FCP says it’s unable to read project file (the autosave files)…

      What do I have to do to be able to read the autosave files? Are the autosave files the same kind of save files as normal save files are can you just use them to restore existing projects?

      Please help me, thnx in advance.. greg

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      I use Adobe but if it works the same way FCP autosave files should be exactly the same as the original save files. But you may want to check to see if there are other files that the project needs in order to open (other than the original scratch footage).

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      what kind of other files should i need to open then?

      what also seems weird to me is that the autosave files are 0 kb 😕 what’s up with that?

      i made the project with FCP4, but now I have FCP 5, could that also be a problem? Should I install FCP4 and see if I can open them there?

      Anyways, I have one veeeery old project file that I AM able to open. It doesn’t have anything on the timeline, just a selection of 200 clips that had been imported to use. It’s the same project, but then when I try to “restore project” from the FCP menu it says: There are no autosave files for this project…

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      I’m not sure but even if the newer version COULDNT open the auto-saves (which I’m sure it can) the files should be more than 0kb. It sounds like you don’t actually have the auto-save files; like they’re not there. I hope, for your sake, I’m wrong though.

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      that’s what i’m fearing as well 🙁

      So why do I have all these autosave files that actually aren’t autosaves because they’re all 0kb? Why has FCP made these 0kb autosave files?

      I guess the chances of getting my project back are getting smaller and smaller… Damn, then I will have to re-create the whole project again from scratch 🙁

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