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      Great site!

      I have two quick questions as a Vegas 8 newbie.

      I have old digital videos (standard format)and new hdv’s(widescreen format) that I would like to capture and playback through my playstation 3 on my 1080i plasma.

      Which project settings and which render as settings should I use? Should I use the same projectproperties for my old digitals as I do my new hdv’s?

      Currently I have my project properties as HDV 1080-60i (1440×1080, 29.970 fps) and have been rendering them as MPEG-2. I have so far just been playing around with clips, but want to make sure I am using the best possible setting for each before capturing the entire library.

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      Well, mpeg-2 is a compressed format. It’s smaller file size and what you burn to DVD with. If you wanted best quality, I don’t know that I’d go with mpeg-2, but the HDVtemplate sounds nice, although I’ve never rendered out of vegas with it.

      If your just playing around, then you could try rendering the same clip to AVI, WMV, Quicktime or one of the others or try MPEG-2 with a higher template setting. Then watch it and see what the difference is.

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      I can’t pretend I know anything about Vegas, but I know a little about HiDef delivery.

      I assume that since you want to play this back on an HD system that you have a Blue Ray burner. There are several codecs supported by the Blu-ray format. MPEG-2 and h.264 are two of them. If Vegas supports rendering out as both then the choice as to which codec to use can be determined by content. Some content comes out better with one codec than with another and some applications render better to one than to another. Only testing will tell.

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      Thanks guys,

      Isn’t HDV 1080-60i the highest template setting?

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      which version of Vegas 8? i.e. studio, platinum or pro. Vegas 8 Pro allows you to do a direct burn to Blu ray disc from the timeline as well as DVD Architect 5 has full blu ray dvd creation abilities. In the program, just render out using one of the templates already provided.

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      I dont know if your blu ray player supports the wmv file format or not but if it does, The settings i’v found to have some of the best results from, is the wmv 9. When you go to render select “windows media video V9” under the “save type as” then go to the template and select “8mbps HD 1080-30p video” then click custom so we can change a few of its settings. When you open up “custom” in the Project tab select “best” for the video render quality. Now on to the Audio tab, select which ever one you want, I usualy go with the highest quality cbr and320kbps. Now in the video tab, in “Mode” select the “CBR 2-pass” in Image size keep the “high deffinition 1440×1080” nowSlide the video smoothness to 100% (sharpest) ok now onto the Bit Rate tab,in the “internet/lan” type in 10M instead of the 8 it has now. And thats it click ok, and render.

      Let me know how it comes out, I’v had absolutely wonderful results with it.

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      Awesome, thanks guys

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