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      My name is Jeremy and I am working on a web based Project Management solution that is designed specifically with filmmakers in mind (think basecamp for filmmakers). Im a filmmaker myself, and have found where current softwares are lacking, and going back and forth with a bunch of emails, documents, google calendars etc with your staff, freelancers, and clients turns into a bogged-down nightmare quick. So I’m out to build a better solution.

      What I’d love to hear from everyone is:

      1) What is your current communication method/solution for projects/productions?

      2) What do you like/dislike about it

      3) What would you like to see implemented in your dream Production Management software solution?

      Thanks everyone!

      – Jeremy

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      nothing? Anyone?

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      Hi Jeremy,

      My favorite is Basecamp, though I regularly use Highrise and the Behance tool for online project management/collaboration. I’ve used Microsoft Project and Google Groups, though less frequently. Also, I’ve used and been trained in Workamajig, in a high-energy professional office, and I give it the lowest marks of the bunch. Even though it’s customizable, it’s very clunky and slow to respond, which makes it borderline unusable for film/video.

      Since I work with clients who have a variety of technical expertise, I have to stay flexible with the tools I use. In a collaborative environment especially, the “lowest common denominator” usually wins. From my experience, Basecamp too complex for about half of my clients. Google groups is in the ballpark with what clients like to sign on to, though it lacks features that filmmaker-to-filmmaker collaboration requires.

      It would be great to have a tool that’s easy to use, and easy to setup with clients.

      Hope this helps,


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      Hi! You can also try Comidor ( which is like Basecamp but offers more tools regarding collaboration and project management. I totally recommend it!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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