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      PHP program and programming involves some amount of hardship. Still the coding of PHP program can be studied and experimented and practiced at home. For this purpose many books have been published and expert mentors have come forward. PHP being an open source one invites many interested candidates to try freely PHP and its programming. PHP has reaped the most of its open source benefit as many versions of PHP have seen light.

      Also the acme success story of PHP program, alone or with MySQL, in web world can only escalate demands for more software talents like programmer or developer etc in companies and other establishments. Because of all this, lots of software novice is diverting their focus to PHP. Resources such as books and mentors and experts as mentioned help more in their effort.

      PHP learning sees to it that much of the original content from the first edition is retained. But also cover updates relating to the upcoming versions of PHP. Till date the newest is PHP 5.0 release. All the upcoming versions generally following the same format as the popular first versions with revisions in certain features of previous version of PHP.

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