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      I visit all the links to you guy’s sites and see a ton of awesome sites, but I notice that some are hosted with sites that you have to link to your videos at youtube or elsewhere and some still use gmail (never post your complete emaill address in the site, embed it in a link. Spammers love that and it increases your spam traffic.) I was hosing with Godaddy, but that is a maze of junk stuff they sale. can’t get anything done.

      I happened across

      Several good things here.
      1) FREE without looking free. For an account without videos it is free. They have many templates to choose from and you can build the site in about an hour with a professional look. Because their stuff is drag and drop. I learned HTML a long time ago and this place looks awesome.

      2) If you do a pro account it is $4.99 per month billed 6 months or a year. With that you can sit up 10 separate sites, none connected I host 4 there now under my account. You also get to add video. Unlimited bandwidth and space. You can also do a Favicon, that little icon in the address bar. You also get to do your own domain email address. like and those are unlimited in how many your can set up. The hosting of the email is with Google, but no in the address. If you want your own domain you do have to buy it, but if you have a domain with someone else.

      Like Grinner is using and he is paying for very little. You can’t even compare what they offer to Weebly. But anyway say Grinner wanted to use weebly with his domain, his current host cannot stop him from doing a redirect. You would have to go into the hosting settings and put in some redirect codes then the url would be directed to weebly servers. You would then delete your hosting at Your current company by law cannot charge you just to store your domain name. I buy all my domains through godaddy, and am never charged a monthly fee. But they are all directed to weebly. Weebly has a great stepxstep on how to redirect.

      I tell all this because in a few easy short steps you can have tons more site options for a way cheaper cost, lower your overhead and have 100% control over the site and changes that you make are instant, you do not have to worry about formatting.

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      Grinner Hester

      I will have to check into them. I cannot recomend vizhost to anyone. I hooked up with em about a decade ago when they were 4 bucks a month. Now, well, it aint 4 bucks a month for the sites I have and I’m not diggin’ their monthly surprises in billing.

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      I think you will be happy at weebly. I have never had a complaint. And I have never had to contact them. That says a lot about the ease of use of their services. To me if Customer Support has to never be contacted then the company is very user friendly. Me and godaddy were on first name basis.

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      I used weebly for a while. it was good for a while, but the only thing I didnt like about it was that it seemed like my options for design and the options for subscriptions were limited. the templates were good but it was hard to customize. I did find one that I really like a lot better called Yola It seems to be a little more user friendly. And the design options are awesome! Here is my website. check it out to see the quality! and to get some free stock footage!

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      If you follow Yola on Twitter you will see posts on virtually a weekly basis explaining, apologizing or commenting that the site is temporarily down, having technical difficulties or otherwise unstable. I cannot recommend even THINKING about a website/hosting company that has that huge of an incident of downtime.

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      I found Google Sites to be easy to use. You can use Google Docs, Picasa and among other Google tools to add content to your website. You get it free when you open a Gmail account.

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      I agree with Sargehero with google account we can find many free services also google buzz

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      (never post your complete emaill address in the site, embed it in a link. ?

      Not true. This has been an online fable for years. Maybe it was true once, but skimming websites for addresses is just not as productive as other sources. I put all of my company email addresses in plain text and links on my website, and I get practically no spam on those addresses.

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      It’s not a free video hosting/player service but for just $30 a month, the iPlayer is the best I’ve used. Some of you might remember Wes Moore when he was helping all of us get videos onto DVD in the late 90s. When that went away, he got into helping videographers develop compelling websites at affordable rates. Now he’s in to the video hosting and streaming game and his solution is pretty cool. He has a free trial so there’s plenty of time to check it out without making a commitment. Basically, you can host single videos or throw a bunch of videos into separate playlists that you can embed into websites, blogs, etc. You have a lot more control then offered with Youtube, Vimeo, etc. and the quality of the files are better too.


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