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      My wife is a professional counselor who makes seminar presentations at churches, community events, family retreats, etc. She is very competent in her field, helpful in presentations, etc. She produces her own audio cds of presentations which she makes available at her seminars. The ideal has come up several times, "Why don’t you make dvds of your presentations?

      So, we bought the Sony VX 2000 along with lights, software, and got to work. I was surprised at the good quality of the work, utilizing Visual Communicator Pro. The rub is that we bought the camera together with our son, so that they each utilized the camera for presentations they made in their fields of work. He gets married, and we surrender the camera.

      I would welcome advice from you knowledgeable gentlemen. Is the Sony VX2100 the most logicial thing for us since she is familar with the VX2000 or is it simply overkill? Is there a simplier, less expense model that would fill the bill?

      What she basically wants is a "home studio" with lights setup appropriately. She has Visual Communicator Pro as her basic software, and a sony wireless for audio. She would like to make short dvd presentations that we can burn to dvd and make available at her seminars. She is determined to do all of this herself and will probably do a good to excellent job. I’m wondering how a "lesser" setup would do, something like the Panasonic PV GS500 ? I have about a month (or less) to research and help her decide what we can try to make this work. Given the brief facts, purpose, and desires, what would you recommend for a videocamera for such work?

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