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      Hi, i use the canon hv30 shot in 24p. what does it mean as for creating a project in premiere cs3? which of the presets should i choose?

      -when shooting, what is the difference between the 1080i30(60i) and 24p, is there any special effect on the footage, may be the 24p is more for movie style, or it’s easy to edit, or the quality is better?

      **bottom line, whats the difference, what is it.? Please πŸ™‚

      Arthur, new york.

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      24p is 24 progressive frames per second. 60i is 60 interlace fields per second which is 30 frames per second, as opposed to 30p which is 30 progressive fields per second.

      What is the different between Progressive and Interlace? A video images is created byhorizontallines of pixels. Imagine it being like tiles on a wall. Each line in scanned one at a time from top to bottom. The difference between progressive and interlace is the scanning with progressive starts it’s way from the top and works is way to the bottom. In other words, progressive will scan line 1, then line 2, then line 3, and so on.

      Interlace scans every other line. Then when it gets to the bottom of the image, it starts back at the top and scans the lines that it hasn’t scanned the first time around. In other words, it scans line 1, then line 3, then line 5 until it gets to the bottom. Then it will go back to the top and scan line 2, line 4, line 6 and so on.

      The reason why it’s called 60i is because it’s 60 “fields” (even fields and odd fields). Since each field is only half the horizontal lines of the images, it takes 2 fields to create a frame. So 60 fields = 30 frames.

      Does that make sense?

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      yes it makes sense. thanks but, what about my camera(hv30) if i record on 24p, does the footage that kept on the tape 24progressive or it’s convert itself to interlaced 60i? does it record true 24p. my question is confusing me, looking for a way to capture my footagevia adobe premiere cs3.

      just need some help, if anyone can see this, and know the answers please πŸ™‚

      Arthur. new york.

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      I’m not sure about that camera. I’ve never used it. I would just do a couple of test captures. Capture it with a preset setting for 24p and try another capture test with 24p 2:3 pulldown.

      I’m almost positive it’s not 60i.

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      Aside from the interlace/progressive difference, 24p is “film look” – Simulating a film based movie camera which shoots at 24 frames per second as opposed to NTSC 29.97 frames per second (PAL is 25 fps). Some folks say it looks more natural – Others like the higher frame rates.

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      it is very interesting to me, that adobe premiere pro cs3 does not have the preset for 24p “in the select project type (window)” initially. apart of needing it, i just started using it, have no great knowledge yet, so i guess i would have to create a custome preset in order to capture my footage from my camcorder. how do i create it manually?

      give me some advice πŸ™‚ please.


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      From the Adobe Pre Pro CS3 help screen – type in “24P” and you get 10 entries, here’s the first.

      Create a 24p project

      1. Select File > New > Project.
      2. In the New Project dialog box, choose the Load Preset tab.
      3. From the Available Presets list, choose the DV24P folder.
      4. Choose the 24p format that matches your footage.
      5. Select a location, type a name for your project, and clickOK.

      Note: If you capture 24p footage, Adobe Premiere Pro recognizes the footage as 24p and treats it accordingly, regardless of your project settings.

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      I’m not sure how Premiere handles it, but with video 24p is actually 23.976 frames per second. Only film and high end HD cameras truly shoot 24 frames per second. So it is important (at least for me when using Final Cut) that the timeline/project is set for 23.976fps.

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      Premiere pro cs3 should have the 24 P preset.

      You might have to download the latest update though. As I recall it wasn’t a part of the initial install of the application.

      23.967 and 29.97 are drop frame time code. They aren’t frame rates, just a counting trick, introduced years ago to insure that one hour of tape time actually equalled one hour of clock time. So the camera shoot at 24P and 30i but the time code is written 23.967 and 29.97.

      If the 24p preset is not present even after an update you can always create a custom preset for it in the new project dialog box.

      In Premiere Pro you always want to try to use a project preset that matches your footage.

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