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      AvatarHi Mom Videos

      I am lining up my first few serious professional jobs, and I am wondering where I can find professional receipts and contracts that can be adapted for my business. I am doing work for a business, and they need a receipt to prove that their expendature is business related. Any ideas?

      Thank you =)

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      Just go to Office Depot or any store like that. They’ll have receipt books and other things you can use.

      Though if you’re starting a small business, I’d suggest buying a copy of quickbooks or some other accounting software so you can make professional invoices on your computer as well as keep track of your expenses.

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      Videomaker Mag has a book of forms for contracts etc. Or you can google that or ask a lawyer.

      If you need a good looking receipt, quickly, and have Microsoft Excel, you’ll find a template for receipts in the template folder (depending on version) File>New>Templates on My Computer>Spreadsheet Solutions>Receipt

      I think getting accounting software is a good idea too, it’s just that learning how to use that software takes awhile.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I still just use word for invoices. You really ottaa start fresh with Quicken or something of the like.

      I’ve never heard of a video company writing regular receipts. I think that would lower many companies’ view of your company.

      I don’t do contracts. I invoice at 30 day net (though some like to pay 90 day net lol) for my regulars and I get half down and half when done for new clients.

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      the video for starting a videography business says you can download contract templates on this site can’t find it

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      Contracts are needed in some situations when there are important points to be agreed between the service provider and costumer. One example would be a whole television program development, some music video production, infomercials, etc. For serious things hire a lawyer.

      The web is full of contracts for reference than can be adapted to your needs. I mostly use invoices for basic services.

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