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      I edit DV in Premiere Pro 2.0. I’m interested in getting a better idea of what my video is going to look like on DVD before I burn it. For example, I’m concerned about interlacing issues, stills being too detailed, slow motion, color, sharpness etc. I’m thinking a production/studio monitor connected to the PC is what I need. Would this be my best option? Money is a bit of a factor.

      If a monitor would be a good idea, what would be the reccomended way to hook it up to my PC and use it with Premiere Pro 2.0? The only real outputs I have on my PC are firewire and usb. I am considering possibly getting a new dedicated video card. I also have a Canon GL2 DV Camera.

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      With FCP, a macbook, and an adapter, it is very possible and easy to use a production monitor.

      With an adapter that converts mini-DVI to composite/S-Video(Y/C) out, you can use almost any monitor.

      I’m sure there are solutions like this for PC’s. Simply use an adapter with the 2nd display output.

      For HD, I’m not as sure, but there should be an adapter for that.

      In relation to production monitors, as long as its nothing too serious, any fair quality TV will do, but it would be a good idea to use a real production monitor. With a production monitor, you can adjust picture/color correctly. I believe there’s an article about that in the most recent VM issue.

      In the end, I am really glad I can use one, and it’s much easier on the eyes. You’ll definitely like it.

      Spencer Stewart

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      This doesn’t really solve the problem – the artefacts that creep in during the encoding process aren’t there until the conversion is done, so what looks great on a really good monitor still doesn’t mean it will look good on the DVD. The firewire output to a real monitor on PP, however, makes a huge difference – I’d hate to be without it!

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