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      My partner and I are getting started in the videography business, and we’re wanting to get some exposure and new clients. We have no real competition in town for the wedding market or the consumer video market, so we’re thinking that will be our bread and butter.

      But to get some practice and get our name out there, as well as showcasing our talent and getting some demo footage, we are looking into ideas for things we can film around our town. We have thought about filming local city council meetings and things like that and then editing them into maybe a 30 minute segment per month highlighting the happenings around town. We live in a small town of about 25,000 and a county of about 65,000, so it won’t be too hard to make most of the major events.

      I know I can edit the video into a great program, but my questions are, how can we get this onto the local tv channel? The local tv channel rents airtime from the local cable company, but only puts on about five shows per week, and the rest of the airtime is occupied with some national syndicated broadcasts that no one’s ever heard of.

      My question is, do I approach the local tv station, the cable company, or find some other way of distributing the video? I have experience in the shooting and editing world, but the broadcast world is new to me. What are the things I need to be aware of to try to get this out? I really don’t care about making a lot of money off these videos, I just want to make our company known and to get some experience with this type of live shooting.

      Any input?

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      Being a student, I was able to get one of my shorts "on the air" from a college station.

      I have little idea how it would be done professionally…

      You might just ahve to ask the cable company, show them your reel, and see where it goes.

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      Check with your town council on the stipulations of their agreement with the local cable company. See if the cable company is required to provide public access by contract (if not, there may be regulations that require such, but they may have those covered by PBS and community share-owned stations). Talk to the cable company about public access, it may be available, if you know who runs the public access station, talk to them (or find out who they are and contact them), if your piece is not-for-profit and serves the greater public interest [like a council meeting], they will probably take it.

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      Thanks a lot for the suggestions, guys. I will contact the local public access station first, since I know the woman who runs it, and I’ll let you know. Like you suggested, tonsofpcs, I will be sure to explain that this is not for profit, and it serves the greater good, and maybe they’ll bite.

      I’ll post again and let you guys know! Thanks.

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