Producing a TV Show for the first time

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      I am co-producing a tv show for an outdoor hunting and fishing network. The show will feature amateur footage that has been submitted to our website.

      Although I do not personally have a production company, as the Executive Producer I will have to receive and review the footage submitted for the show. Due to the many different types of video media (hi-8, mini-dv, etc.), I am concerned that I won’t be able to view all the received footage because of the different formats.

      Should I force the submitters to send footage in a certain format only?

      Does anyone have any experience doing anything like this?


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      Ask for all entries to be submitted on VHS SP. If the clip is choosen you can use the VHS copy you have, or they can send a mini DV copy if that’s the original source. That will cut down on time for you.

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      dkmulford Wrote:

      Should I force the submitters to send footage in a certain format only?

      Most people do not shoot with VHS in the field but rather camcorders are mostly DV these days. Take any footage folks will send regardless of format. You don’t want to disclude someone because they don’t have what you want in terms of format and you don’t ant folks dubbing stuff and making their footage worse.

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