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      So Im doing an internship this summer and Ive been informed that I will be producing a commercial to be display on MTV and Cartoon Networks in my local area. Unfortunately, Ive never done such a thing and am not sure what is required for something to be broadcastable. Anyone know of what sort of regulations I need to follow for things like volume, brightness-contrast, fades at the beginning or end, etc. Thanks for your help!

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      These are tweaking issues. It would be highly unusual for the product you turn in to be run as is. Count on producers, tech directors etc. to have the final say on these tweaking issues of fadein fadeout, volume, etc. What you need to be focussed on is is making something creative and exciting with whatever message/theme you are assigned to tackle. I checked you website; pretty cool; you shouldn’t have a problem with the creative part. You are probably right there in the middle of the demographic which will be the audience for your commercial. Your focus should be to produce something that will grab attention from the first second and still maintain your (and co-viewers) attention and excitement level after 30 viewings. This may be your chance to invent an expression that will be remembered by a whole generation, like “it’s not just for breakfast, anymore” or “things go better with Coke.”
      Congratulation on your gig!
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Alright thanks for the advice. Thanks for checking out my website too, unfortunately it’s over three years old now with no updating whatsoever. It used to look better but changes on the host through things around a bit and some stuff doesn’t work anymore. I’m planning a whole new revamp this summer done in flash with a bunch of portfolio items. I’m planning on buying a graphics tablet as soon as I get back from Spain where I’m currently studying and doing some rotoscoping and animation for the commercial. I’m pretty psyched for it. Thanks again!

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      I would think they would do it definitely.

      A word on the graphics tablet, I wouldn’t recommend them for roto-ing. They are (in my opinion) best for just drawing. Not when you really need precision work like rotoscoping. Of course, that is just my opinion, you may like it if you had more experience than I’ve had with mine. πŸ˜›

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