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      Looking for help with “Producer for PowerPoint”.

      This is free software (full name: “Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint 2003”) which allows me to sync video with PowerPoint slides.
      I use it often to upload WMV videos to our web.
      It works well on my PC, but I’m having issues when using it on my iMac (details, below).

      Two questions:
      Is there ANYTHING out there for sale that does this as well or better?
      Does anyone else use this software on the PC-side of their Mac?
      If so, have you had any problems…and how did you resolve them?

      Details of iMac (PC-side) issue with “Producer”:
      After dropping in PPT and publishing the presentation, you get a prompt to review the video on Internet Explorer.
      When I select to view, the video plays without problem, but the PPT slides are not visable and I get an error message where the slides should be.

      Additional info:
      iMac used is running Windows XP, and Producer version 2.0.1

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      Response to your Q1.

      I have used PPT Producer and, while I found it easy to use, I felt it took up a lot of bandwidth etc. It was a probably a good answer at the time (2003). Since then I have used a product called CAMTASIA, now rev 5 I think – and not free – and I found it easy to use and loaded on customer computers much faster.

      The other thing you can do is to record your PPT slides using a screen recorder, on PC I use WME9 (free!). I recommend a small screen resolution and don’t add audio – leave that for the program you render out in. WME9 will make videos of your slides but is NOT good with fade and disolve transitions.

      And yet another alternative is to make your PPT slide show, save screen prints of each slide in a graphics program, and build the slide show in video program.

      I have a PPT producer slide show at I have no trouble viewing it (other than it takes FOREVER to load) but you may wish to see if it works for you – maybe there is some tweaking you need to do to your web browser.


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      >>>”I have used a product called CAMTASIA, now rev 5 I think – and not free -“

      Camtasia is great software to own and is a great tool forall videoprofessionals as well.It is also recommended for encoding HD/SDdelivery file formats like h.264,flvandMp4.

      There is a fully functional free trial to see if it’s for you….very helpful software to have.

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      Thanks to you both.

      Camtasia looks good.

      Also investigating the following software:

      Momindum, iPresent and Flair.

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