problems with MPEG editing with Ulead

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      Hello there!

      I recently started using Ulead from corel to modify some party videos. Basic things for now. Simply cut copy

      and paste. I managed to arrange the video file as I need it but I cannot seek in the file using the scrolling bar.

      When I do so, I only get the sound, but no video. Can anyone help?

      Thanks a lot!

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      Although Ulead is very basic as you said, it’s worth a hundred bucks you paid for it. May be you have files of different formats? If so try to convert them all into AVI II before editing. In Ulead Studio you do it through Share -> Create Video File -> DV -> NTSC (or PAL if this is your case).

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      In preferences, make sure “smart proxy” is checked and the appropriate file type is selected.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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