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      So I got an old copy of CS2 from a friend who has CS4 now, and I’m having a problem importing clips. I’ve seen plenty of topics on the web about issues with mpeg files or ac3 audio, but none about this problem:

      If the video I import is .wmv (i.e. wma audio), I have no problems. However, I want to use some .avi files I have. The avi files use xvid/mp3 for the video and audio. When I import them into premier, they import as ‘video’ (video stream only) instead of ‘movie’ (video AND audio stream). Like I said, wmv files have no problem (import as ‘movie’). When I check the properties for the avi files inside premier, it shows that they have a video track and an audio track, but premier seems to ignore it. Importing an mp3 file works fine, too, so it’s not the codec or anything (I have CCCP installed). Now obviously I could convert the files to wmv and I’d have no problems, but I don’t see a reason to do so since I personally prefer xvid-avi and I don’t really want to have two copies of the same file (I have the avi files archived for my use).

      Does premier 2 not support mp3 audio streams in video clips, or is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong or…?

      System: Windows 7 64-bit beta1, 2GB RAM, core2 duo E4500 (2.2GHz), geforce 8800GTS 320MB, ONLY Premier Pro 2.0 and After Effects were installed from CS2.

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      Convert the files with a free program called Super. You need to convert them to DV-AVI and you will be fine. There is lots of information about using XVid files in Premiere over at the Premiere User to User forums and at

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