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      Hi, I am a new user of MAGIX VIDEO EDIT PRO 2005 and after spending 2 months getting to grips with it (there is no manual!) and creating my first "movie" I am now finding it impossible to burn a DVD. Basically I follow the process and click burn. It starts going and works through the steps and then at step 5 (after about an hour) it simply says DRIVE NOT READY and stops. The DVD appears unreadable.
      I have downloaded the latest burn drivers from MAGIX but no luck. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be as I have run out of ideas!
      My DVD writer is a SONY DVD RW DW-U10A
      (I have used other video edit packages and have had no problems burning disks)


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      Solving problems over this forum can be very difficult because 99% of the time we all don’t have enough info to work with.

      I guess all we can do is start with the obvious but if you could put a little list of your PC specs together that would be a huge help.

      A few starting questions:

      Do you have more than 1 optical drive on your PC? If so, what type is the other one?

      Does the process you’re talking about include the encoding of your movie from the timeline to a DVD (mpeg) format?

      How long (in minutes) is this movie you’re trying to burn to DVD?

      Answering these few questions will help in zooming in on your problem. Right now I’m thinking it’s either your PC configuration, software configuration or lack of PC resources.


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      yes I do have another optical drive. It is a SONY DVD ROM DDU1612.
      The machine has 512Meg of Memory and a ATI 9800 RADEON PRO graphics card.
      The film is about 37 minutes long and yes, its a timeline (video, music plus some digital photos) being encoded to DVD.

      Some further information is that in desperation I exported the movie in MPG format and then imported it into the ULEAD VIDEOSTUDIO 8 video editor. Again, when I try and burn, it starts ok but after so long it just gives up and hangs the machine. So I am thinking it is not the software but perhaps something to do with the movie itself (perhaps the length…do I need more memory..?).
      Any suggestions greatfully received..

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      Very good! Now please keep in mind that I have no idea what you have done thus far so there is a chance that I might be suggesting something that you already did.

      The fact that your PC hangs and then comes back and says that your DVD drive is not ready is interesting. First I would make sure that the Magix software is configured to point to the right drive. Ive seen similar problems with other people before and it was because they were trying to burn a DVD to a regular CD drive and the software would vapor lock. Also, when programs are rendering or transcoding for disk creation, they sometimes will generate the files to a cache area on your HD prior to burning to a disk. If you are low on disk space, the program is probably crashing because it cant complete its task for lack of space

      Regarding the RAM issue: I always recommend a minimum of 1Gb for video editing. Video is very taxing on computers and when you dont have a lot of RAM, simple tasks can take decades to do. I have an AMD machine with 2Gb of ram and for me, a 37 minute video takes about 2 to 2-1/2 hours to transcode to a DVD (mpeg) format. Now that will very with everyone else because of computer specs and compression rates. By you only having 512Meg, it will probably take a lot longer.

      More questions:

      You didnt mention what you had for a CPU which was actually what I was looking for. What kind of CPU do you have?

      Is the movie on your timeline in an AVI format and is it completely rendered prior to you trying to make a DVD from it?
      The reason Im asking this is that you might be asking your PC to do a lot of work at the same time and its vapor locking on you. One thing I would try is to render the AVI movie all the way through. Then export that as one complete AVI file to your HD. Then start a new project and import that back in. Then just try transcoding to a DVD from there. If your movie is in another format, make sure that the software supports that.

      How well cooled or ventilated is your PC?
      This happened to my brother. I built him an exact replica of 2 PCs that I have. When ever he tried to transcode to a movie it would always crash after a short period of time. I struggled with this for some time because I had two of the same boxes and I never had a problem. I finally went to his house only to find that he had his box tucked inside this housing under a desk with a closed door. When I opened the door, and put my hand in there it was very warm. We took the box out and tried again and the problem went away. The problem there was that AMD chips run very hot and require a lot of cooling and by having this box in this enclosure, it was getting too hot and by design the chip was shutting itself down. The short story is, make sure you have a cool running box because rendering video can pound a CPU into submission.

      Does your DVD drive support all of the different DVD formats out there?
      I think the model you have does but just confirm that. If it doesnt, make sure you have the right kind of disk in.

      Other possible workarounds. I know that Ulead DVD Workshop had an issue. This program is primarily designed to author DVDs. While reading this forum, it seemed that people were having problems such as yours. In fact there seemed to be a lot of issues. What some of them did was they used their editing program to transcode to mpeg and then imported those mpeg files into Ulead for authoring to DVD. That worked versus having Ulead transcode everything which was causing crashes. Others were having problems burning the disks from within Ulead so they created image files to their HD and then burned them using something like Nero instead and that worked. Short story again (yeah right ) is try some of these workarounds as a last resort.

      Good luck!

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      Thanks for the comments…a few I have already considered…others I have not
      I am pretty sure the MAGIX software is pointing to the correct drive as it is showing the DRIVE NAME in the drop down field, and it certainly gets the light flashing on the correct drive.
      In terms of the CACHE space – will XP use all thats available, or do I need to allocate a specific amount (and if so where do I do that?)
      RAM I agree – I will order some more this evening!

      In terms of the rendering. I did export it to MPEG and then import it into ULEAD. Would I be better to export it to AVI..? is one better than the other..?
      The processor is a Pentium3.
      Ventiliation I believe is fine – its in a large room on a desk.
      I am pretty sure the drive supports the disks as I have written to the same DVDs before from the ULEAD product with no problems.
      Interestingly, what I did try was to chop the MPEG file down to the first 3 minutes and delete the remaining 34 mins. This burnt fine with ULEAD. So I am thinking it is something to do with the size of the file, or perhaps some corrupt data towards the end of the file (is that possible..?)

      I also thought about using NERO – which NERO product do I need..?

      anyway..I will go and try an AVI export…and order some memory..!

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      To answer your questions:

      Since you can encode and export to an mpeg file right away without any trouble, I would just keep doing it that way. I do that some times. The way I see it, at some point in time youll have to transcode that AVI file anyway so what difference does it make where you do it as long as your encoder is decent.

      Windows XP handles all of the cache (pagefile) issues providing you have it set to manage itself but that is more for memory or what is called "Virtual Memory". What I was referring to is a directory on your HD where the program will temporally hold data until needed. Usually it sets this up by default but sometimes you can dictate where to set this up too. Remember though, were talking about disk space. I would think that 37 minutes of mpeg would require about 2 to 2-1/2 Gig of cache space needed depending on how much compression you used.

      I use Nero Ultra 7 which contains like 9 different programs or something like that.


      OK so youre saying that you can render and export OK with (MAGIX Video Edit Pro) but you cant burn anything from within it?

      If youre able to render and export a complete mpeg/AVI video for the entire movie to your HD then Im assuming that there is nothing wrong with that part of the program. It sounds like its the burning of a disk that is the issue.

      I couldnt help noticing a comment you made regarding shortening that mpeg file and then it burnt OK. Please forgive me but I have no way of knowing how much you know about burning playable video DVDs. You realize that there is a difference between a conventional mpeg format and a DVD format (VOB) right? In order to create an actual video DVD, you need to use a special DVD Authoring program or process. This is where an mpeg and audio file are multiplexed together and then re-coded into several IFO and VOB files. The VOB files (a form of mpeg) contain the video/audio and the IFO files contain the instructions on how it all plays together. There are others files too but there is no need to get into that. If youre not doing this and youre using a program configured to burn a video DVD, its possible that the burning program might vapor lock because the formats involved are not correct.

      Now my question is, when you say you were originally trying to burn to a DVD, was there an actual setting in MAGIX Pro that said Create DVD or were you just encoding to an mpeg setting and assumed that this file would work for a video DVD?

      I guess now Im wondering if the problem all the while here is format related rather than program or hardware related.

      As you can imagine, debugging problems over a forum is kind of difficult but can you explain in some kind of detail what steps you were actually doing? I think were getting a little closer here.


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      first, thanks for your time in responding – its much appreciated
      I am not an expert in DVD making but am fairly PC literate. I have burnt a number of DVDs before (using ULEAD) – I dont pretend to understand the VOB stuff however I do know that I need to follow the formal BURN process to get everything on a DVD with menus etc. The "short" dvd I burnt through the BURN DVD option on ULEAD and it gave me the menus plus 3 mins of movie including sound etc.
      The same applies when trying to burn using MAGIX – I am pretty confident I am using the correct procedure.
      The MPEG file I have created I can run on my PC but I know I need to get it onto a DVD format to play it on my DVD player. I will try and burn it direct with NERO or something similar…
      one thing that confused me from you last post – you said that mpeg and audio files need to be multiplexed together and then recoded into several IFO and VOB files…surely the MPEG file already has the sound embedded in it..? (mine certainly does). The only thing it does have is the menus on the front..?

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      Im sorry for the confusion. There are many many options and formats one can do when encoding to mpeg files. For example, there are option settings that will allow you to encode the video and audio separately thus resulting in two files and then there are options that will encode and combine the video and audio together right away giving you just the one file such as in your case. Each format has its own purpose depending on what youre trying to do in the end.

      In my case, when I encode to an mpeg I have the video and audio encoded at the same time but I have it set up so that when Im done, I will have a separate video file (.m2v) and a separate audio file. It would be either an (.mpa) or a (.wav) depending on which one I used. In other words the video and audio are separated and compressed. After this Ill go to Ulead DVD Workshop and I would just import the (.m2V) file in for the video and then the audio file (.mpa <or> .wav). When I tell Ulead to create a DVD image folder to my HD, it is at this time that it will join (multiplex) the two files back together, converts it into the VOB/IFO files and then stuffs everything into a special VIDEO_TS folder which if what will eventually be burned onto the DVD. Thats where multiplexing comes into play. I shouldnt have assumed that this was what you had so forgive me for confusing you. BTW: If you get NERO or any other burning package, that VIDEO_TS folder is the only file you really need to drag over and burn to disk.

      OK Based on what you mentioned, the fact that you can play the mpeg file on your PC without any trouble seems to indicate that there is nothing wrong with the file. If it were corrupted I would think that you wouldnt be able to play it. Question: Is this the EXACT same procedure you have done in the past when you were successful in making DVD’s? If it is then this is not the problem. It this is something new that you did then there still might be a format compatibility issue here.

      The fact that you mentioned that you cant burn the whole thing in either Ulead or Magix seems to be the bottom line it seems. Boy It almost has to be something with the DVD drive itself, your PC configuration or there is a driver conflict going on between something. 95% of the time problems like this are driver or software related. You said that you have burned DVDs without any problems using ULEAD before so when you did that, did you have MAGIX installed on your PC already? If you just recently installed MAGIX and now you cant burn DVDs in ULEAD, I would uninstall MAGIX and see what happens. If you can burn disks in ULEAD again without any problems then it was a conflict between the two programs.

      I dont know what else to tell you. I guess I’m just hoping that I’m steering you somewhat in the right direction. Debugging situations like this can de a royal pain in the DuPa but in a sick demented way I like the challange.

      Dont give up!


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      Ok, extra memory (25 for 512Meg – good value!) seems to have improved things. I have now burnt successfully from MAGIX (I did fiddle around with the ending of movie but otherwise it was as it was before). Hopefully thats the problem resolved..! thanks for all your comments…certainly learnt a little more about video editting..!


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      I read your postings on the DVD not burning. My problem is that I can’t get the files to render (export) into any format before it crashes.

      I am working with a Pentium 4, 2 GB SDRAM, lots of virtual memory and hard drive memory.

      I have tried loading the patches from the site, but I that doesn’t work. One of the error messages I get is: Error in Module "mxmpeg2.dll" at address #### (this always changes) Exception 0xc0000005 "ACCESS VIOLATION".

      I also get the error message Error in module "Movie Edit .exe" at address, etc.

      Has anyone had these issues too?

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      I have the same problem …

      have tried loading the patches from the site, but I that doesn’t work. One of the error messages I get is: Error in Module "mxmpeg2.dll" at address #### (this always changes) Exception 0xc0000005 "ACCESS VIOLATION".

      I also get the error message Error in module "Movie Edit .exe" at address, etc.

      I don’t understand why … someone know the answer ?

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      Are you in the system admin account? Sometimes that can be a problem.

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      I edited many films with MAGIX. But somehow a problem came up and i cannot get rid of it.
      After I finished editing and added pix and music for my film and i also finished the menu, i chose burning disc for tv and the usual screen came up where you can push the red RECORDING button and then the encodin starts and later the burning process. But somehow it writes: ENCODING PROCESS FAILED and it stops.
      what can I do to solve this problem?
      I even bought a new computer 300 GB winchester, huge memory but this is not the problem….

      can anyone help me?


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