Problems with Avid Xpress DV when capturing from AG-DVC60

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      Hi there everybody.

      I just received my new copy of Avid Xpress DV 4.6 yesterday, and now that i’ve installed & registered it, i’m having trouble actually getting it to work!

      I have used Avid before at college for 3 years, so i have a basic-to-good understanding of how to capture/edit/digital-cut with it, but i’ve never had to set-up and configure my own system so i need some help.

      Can anybody out there give me any guide or help for what i need to do in order to start capturing?
      I’m trying to capture from my Panasonic AG-DVC60 Camcorder, via firewire cable, into my new workstation’s firewire port.

      I have been able to capture before from it with “Cyberlink PowerDirector”, which was able to control the camera just fine. Avid however is unable to recognise the camera at the moment, so i haven’t been able to begin to edit yet.

      I’d really appreciate any help that anyone can give me, i’m struggling at the moment!
      Many thanks for reading this post, i hope you can help.

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