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      I have been a member for many years and have sent dozens of posts during that time. A few months ago I upgraded to Windows 7 on a I7 64 bit platform, using Internet Explorer. As a computer for the Adobe Creative Suite and just about everything else it works fast and fine.

      However when posting to Videomaker I have been having real problems editing text while typing and then when sending, I would often get a blank page post. I was heartened the other day when I found another member who seemed to be having the same problem. My solution was to download Google Chrome and use that and it works fine. I cannot however upload workable links or videos using Youtube embed HTML.

      I don’t want to clutter up the forums trying without some advise.Any ideas?

      Thanks Ian

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      Allowing YouTube embed codes is rarely allowed on public forums. Doing so leaves a site vulnerable to all sorts of bad stuff.

      Instead you can simple paste the URL of the YouTube video ( ex. ), the forums software will automatically convert this into an embedded YouTube player.

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      I will give it a try.

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      Great! Thanks Andy.

      Cheers Ian

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