Problems playing tape shot in a GL2 in a ZR80

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      Hey All,

      I recently got a Canon GL2 and I absolutely love it. I was planning on using my old ZR80 as a minidv deck for stuff shot on my GL2 to keep wear down on the GL2. However, when I play video shot from the GL2 on the ZR80, a vertical chunk of the video lags in a weird digital looking way and I don’t get any sound. Would anyone know why it’s doing this?

      J Silverman

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      Sounds like a digital dropout:

      Try cleaning your heads and then run the tape through

      The tape’s lubricant might be lost and the magnetic coating is gone- this wears down your camcorder’s heads.

      To prevent this in the future:

      Mini DV was never meant for archival purposes- always dump onto a DVD or hard drive.

      Never store your tapes around CRT monitor- it causes a strong enough magnetic field to cause damage to DV tape. It wouldn’t erase them, but possibly cause distortion. Also, the heat from the monitors would cause the tapes to expand and contract, possibly causing drop outs.

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      Hey TheDVshow,

      Hmm, the interesting part of this is if I play video shot on the zr80, there isn’t any issues. If the heads were dirty, wouldn’t there be problems with playback of tapes recorded on the zr80? Also, these are brand new tapes I’ve been using.

      J Silverman

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      If you shot video on the GL2 in LP, then tried to replay in another camera, it would not work. I shot some stuff at school on a Canon in LP mode, then brought the tape home and tried to import it on another. The sound was messed up, and video was distorted.

      If you EVER will film on one camera, than use that tape to import on another, ALWAYS shoot in SP. That’s the only explanation I can think of.

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      Hey Ryan3078,

      I just checked, and both camcorders are in SP mode. This issue really does have me quite confused. I got a head cleaning tape being shipped to me just to see if this would help the ZR80 playback tapes from the GL2. The ZR80 is old (had it for quite a few years now) and maybe it does just need to cleaned, though it still doesn’t explain why it can play tapes it recorded fine.

      J Silverman

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      There are other issues I think that can occur. For example, if you record in 16-bit audio on the GL2 and the ZR80 can’t do 16-bit audio, I think that will cause a problem. I don’t know if it would screw up the video like that, but might be something to look into.

      Also, what about progressive scan, and stuff like that? I’m not sure if that will cause problems like this, but might be worth looking into.

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      Hey G1powermac, I have an XL2 and use the ZR80 to capture all my video. When taping presentations (most if not all are over 30mins) with only one camera I always tape in LP and the ZR80 never had a problem playing them. We until it gets to hot then it will not play more then 15 seconds before it starts dropping frame. Have you tried playing a tape recorded on the 80 on the GL2? That would be interesting to know if it has a problem. I don’t know all the ins and outs of these cameras, but is is possible for the heads to go out of alignment? If so maybe that is the problem. I know back in the day tape deck heads would get out of alignment. When that happened any tapes taped on that deck could only be played on it. Again I’m not sure if these heads can come out of alignment, but I don’t know why they couldn’t.

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