Problems Encoding for YouTube in Premiere Elements 3.0

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      I’m about to pull all my hair out. I want a 640×480 video that I can post to YouTube, which will be available in high quality. I’ve triedencoding in iPod High Quality format, but Premiere 3.0 won’t let me change to 640×480. After typing 640 and trying to move from the field, it yields a message saying, “Invalid framesize/framerate combination for this level. Please recheck the settings and try again.” I’ve also tried in WMV9. It looked great prior to the upload but YouTube changed it from 4:3 to 3:3 and everything was elongated. I also tried in MPEG2, but after uploading to YouTube, it’s not available in HQ and it has a thin black bar at the top of the video.

      Any ideas for me?

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      Someone on the Adobe forums helped me out. QuickTime .h264 worked.

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      That’s what I did too. I finished the file as a Quicktime format at the highest resolution and then uploaded that. Woorks great. it out.

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