problems capturing in PP CS3

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      I bought a z200 it is a i7 870. 8gb. I began capturing and after 10 minutes it stop capturing. and a message appear. it says system is running in very low memory. I use the same PPcs3 with my old computer a Pentium 4 1.5gb and I never got this issue. Anybody knows how if buying more GB will fix it?, for my old 1.5 gb works better.

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      How much memory do you have? How much do you have to allow Microsoft to work, it is a pig when it comes to memory, it needs at least two gigs of ram to operate. I get the same message on a Z800 that has two processors and 12 gigs of ram, it usually happens when Microsoft decides it wants to index my hard drives which usually happens daily. Check to see if it happens about the same time of the day and that could be your problem.

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