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      I have 4 videos I’d like to put onto one scene &I’ve put a thin white horizontal & vertical line tocreate different quadrants forthe videos. I’ve made 4 independent video track for each of the video & for each of the individual tracks I used track motion to fit into a quadrant. I do this with the other 3 tracks & on the previewer everything looks great.

      The problem I’m having is when I go to render the video & then review it with Windows Media Player or any other player for that matter. All the alignment is off, I’m way off on all 4 video from being in the correct position.I would go back into Vegas & use track motion the individual track to try to correct the problem. Once I’ve done that, on the previewer it looks like they’re alignment is off, but once rendered it looks correct.

      Do you have any suggestions as to how I can correct this problem?

      Thank you in advance!! Happy New Year!!

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      I have done this in vegas 8 or close to it. The only thing I can think of is are you eyeballing the postitions so by the eye they look lined up, or when you have your track motion window open do all four tracks have equal height and width. I am trying to think what it could be. I know that when I render stuff like this on my vegas it previews as I edited it. I guess try looking at that and see I will look at mine and see how it comes out.

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      As Daryl suggested, are you just eyeballing the alignments? If so, you may want to go into the track motion window (assuming you’re using that for resizing and alignment) and set the offset and size parameters manually (using the numbers) and making sure you have the proper settings.

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      Thanks for the reply.

      I did eyeball the 4 videos at first. When that didn’t work I went & changed the X & Y values along with along with the height & width dimesion to make them all the same. Thats when it started to drive me nuts. I went as far as zooming as close as I can into the cross hairs & getting the corner of the video to touch at the intersection. That didn’t work.

      I’m too far into my project to start over πŸ™

      Again I appreciate your help πŸ™‚


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      Are you watching your prerenders on a monitor? If you don’t have an external monitor hooked up to your NLE and you have a second computer monitor (you should!) use vegas’ secondary monitor preview option to view your edits. Set it for the best quality and you should be able to see clearly if things are lined up properly before rendering. If everything looks okay on the secondary monitor and is still goofy in WMP then it may be a render glitch (have you updated Vegas lately?) or a ‘WiMP’ glitch (sometimes WMP’s overlay codex doesn’t like to play nice and you may have to update.) Don’t restart your project just yet!

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      Hello Ppl,

      Problem solved!!

      Thank you for all the help & advise on how to correct the alignment problem I’ve been having.

      After days of toiling with this issue I was sooo close to calling it quits (not video editing all together lol), so close to restarting the whole project over again. Thinking it was was something in the settings or the imported video files or maybe it was just me!! It was suggested that I should view my project with an external monitor, which I the little piggy bank doesn’t allow for right now.

      What I did was to simply align the videos, select it in a looped region and Render To A New Track. It creates a new track in the timeline with all the correct alignments &itsaves it as a video file too. The only problem I have with this is that I can’t go back in & make any changes. Oh well, it’s better than nothing


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