Problems after converting video file

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My Panasonic HDC-HS100 video clips come out as m2ts files. ( I use the included software to transfer filesto my laptop ) When I use my Roxio Creator 2009 to convert the file to AVI, there's often a video clip with no audio. Aggravating as HELL !!! Panasonic says that it is a common problem with 3rd party software. It's basically hit or miss when I convert to AVI....there's no predicting when a file will be screwed up !!! Panasonic says to use their program & create an MPEG2 file ,then have Roxio convert it. Will MPEG2 to AVI be a lower quality file ?

Is there ANY program that will take the Panasonic HD file & successfully convert it to AVI the first time ?

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have you tried changing the extension on the file from m2t to mpg?

That 'sometimes' works for me whenI have trouble with a m2t that wasexported from PPro to ENCORE.

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"Will MPEG2 to AVI be a lower quality file ?"

For the most part, it depends on the bitrate. MPEG-2 and DV-AVI store video by different means of compression (each with its own set of losses). Like I said "for the most part", you will be at a greater loss working with MPEG-2 (25 Mbps) converted to DV-AVI (25 Mbps) than you would be editing the 25-Mbp MPEG-2 as it is (25 Mbps is just an example). I would edit the MPEG-2 (TS) as it is if your system handles it well enough with software that supports it. Converting between different formats involved different dropoffs (information losses) at different parts of the video. You probably won't notice anything converting to DV-AVI, as the quality of the AVI is closer to lossless. But still, the compression algorithms are different. If you prefer the ease of editing, a conversion to DV-AVI is definitely worth it.

Have you checked for a different approach, such as freeware for converting video, other than Roxio? AVS Video Converter